Operations Varsity Blues & Generational Bashing

The seemingly never-ending story about celebrities and uber-wealthy parents is reinforcing the stereotype that our younger generations are so much more entitled than everyone else who was born during “a different time.” 

It still boggles my mind how openly so many people bash our younger generations.  People who wouldn’t dare utter a racist, homophobic or other politically incorrect comment often feel quite comfortable talking about “those lazy Millennials” or “kids who expect everything handed to them.”  If you feel that way about Millennials and Generation Z, remember they didn’t raise themselves.  If this story upsets you, remember that it is primarily Generation X and Baby Boomer parents who engaged in the alleged criminal behaviors.

Really, the college scam story is one about socioeconomic advantage rather than generational expectations.  As long as college has existed, rich families have employed both obvious and covert strategies to boost their children’s applications to elite educational institutions.  Don’t think for a moment that members of older generations–including Baby Boomer and Traditionalists–haven’t also benefited from such methods unavailable to most people.

Operations Varsity Blues is not a story about generational issues. It’s a story about economic disparity.  And it’s not a new one.

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